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Reclaimed Wood Furniture art principles

Hello,  We are the owners of Reclaimed Furniture Art

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The Makers of Reclaimed Wood Furniture Art


 reclaimed wood furniture and reclaimed home/office furniture specialist!

Reclaimed Furniture Art was founded on the principle of  building reclaimed wood furniture from earth friendly materials.  We believe that the use of reclaimed materials when building our reclaimed wood furniture will help to save our old growth forest which contains many species of animals and insect.

We have always had a love for art and for building.  In 2011 we decided to go ahead and spread our love to the whole world.  As a result Reclaimed Furniture Art was officially started.

Since our beginning, one of our Co-Founders and dear brother (Mel Gianino) has passed away.  He was the true reason and backbone of our founded company.  His eye for art and realism of the wonderful idea of building from what is already here, has set us out on our journey.  We are dedicated and determined to continue forward with the vision of our brother Mel.

Reclaimed Furniture Art prides ourselves on the fact that we will not turn away from new ideas.  We will embrace your visions as if they were our own.

Thank you for taking a moment to see what Reclaimed Furniture Art is about and we are looking forward to helping your carry your next piece of reclaimed wood furniture art into you home or office!

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