Custom Furniture

Have you wanted a piece of furniture from a store but that store did not offer custom furniture sizes?

Here are 10 examples of why your piece may be considered Custom Furniture :

  1. special sizing
  2. change in shape
  3. adding components
  4. deleting components
  5. complete design from ground up
  6. special colors and finishes
  7. modifying and existing piece
  8. special materials
  9. built in pieces
  10. adding artwork



It is surprising how many stores you go into that expect everyone to just be alright with buying something that is:

  • almost the right size
  • almost the right color
  • almost the look you want
  • almost what makes you happy.
not custom furniture tables picture Custom Furniture

Assembly line NOT Custom Furniture!



Reclaimed Furniture Art prides ourselves on giving you “the customer” what you want in a custom furniture or home furnishing piece.

 Our #1 concern is customer satisfaction.

Whether the color you selected is not quite what you pictured in you head or you decided you need to add and extra shelf.

Reclaimed Furniture Art is here to do our best to work with you so that your final product is exactly what you want.

No two pieces of custom furniture are exactly alike.  That is what makes it so great.  You have the option to have a custom furniture piece that was designed by you and made especially for you by custom furniture makers

custom furniture maker picture Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture Makers

 Reclaimed Furniture Art specializes in custom painted and distressed reclaimed wood furniture.

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