Reclaimed Wood Furniture

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100 year old wood reclaimed wood from Saint louis

All About Reclaimed Wood

You have probably heard the following terms….

What does it mean when talking about materials?

An Introduction to Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a great building material.
High quality reclaimed wood building materials and products can bring you years of service in residential, commercial and municipal construction. The ecological benefit is a windfall benefit that makes reclaimed wood lumber even more appealing.
Read on to find out more about what exactly reclaimed wood is, and why to use it in the first place.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

As the name implies, reclaimed wood is wood material that has been reclaimed from its current use, then resawn or remanufactured for a new purpose.
Usually it is rescued from the landfill, burning, or grinding for hog fuel (to be burned for electricity). Reclaimed wood can be very old and referred to as “antique wood”.
Reclaimed building materials are highly sought after by Architects and fine builders worldwide for its superior qualities.
Today, reclaimed wood is considered to be a green building material because of its arguably better ecological properties.
The term “reclaimed wood” has emerged as the primary term to identify recovered wood raw materials remanufactured into useful recycled building materials.
So it applies to both the raw material and the finished product depending on context.

Reclaimed Wood vs Recycled Lumber

Reclaimed wood is distinguished from recycled wood or reused wood in that it is usually remanufactured in some manner for reuse in a new form. It is transformed from one incarnation to the next.
Nevertheless the term “recycled lumber” is commonly used to mean the same thing, lumber that has already seen use being reincarnated into a new use.
Recycled lumber can also mean lumber that is reclaimed or recovered, cleaned up and reused as is. There is some confusion between the terms for these reasons.
One way to think of reclaimed wood is to think in terms of reclaimed wood as the raw material that is resawn to make lumber, flooring, siding and paneling that is then used to make doors, furniture cabinets and so on.
The finished product is then “recycled lumber from reclaimed wood” “reclaimed wood lumber” or “recycled lumber”.
The terminology isn’t as important as the material so don’t worry about it. Reclaimed wood can mean both the source material and the finished product.

Where Does Reclaimed Wood Come From?
Reclaimed Wood Sources
Old Factories & Buildings
Old Barns
Post & Beam Structures
Old Decking
Construction Sites
and more

Reclaimed wood usually comes in these basic forms from buildings and structures as a raw material, and is remanufactured into the same materials as well as other uses.